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Business GraphDon’t be fooled, you need more than just a nicely branded website.  The number one task of your website is to make sales.  That may be something as simple as someone just picks up the phone and rings you or it may be a much more complicated and lengthy sales funnel.

Your website needs to be designed around your sales funnel.  What exactly do you want your visitor to do?  What is their next step?  This must be very clear.  Yes, your website can still look pretty, but ultimately the sales funnel must trump “pretty”.

If you’re trying to get help with website design, there are a lot of options to choose from. We’re able to offer quite a few services of this nature, and our prices are very fair given you get a website and a machine that is set up perfectly to rank and convert into sales

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We Provide A Full Range Of Websites Including:


Ecommerce Website Design

ecommerce web designDesigning an Ecommerce website takes a lot of business and sales knowledge.  It is even more important that you get the sales funnel right.  So many ECommerce websites lose the sale during the shopping cart process or at the final hurdle, getting the payment.

Some of the reasons for this are:

  • you may not have built sufficient trust before they decided to buy and they get cold feet
  • your potential customer gets lost scanning through the shopping cart and aren’t sure where to go next
  • shipping costs suddenly appear and the customer didn’t know this before they started purchasing
  • Companies try and collect unnecessary information at the time of check out and the customer gets nervous
  • You don’t offer the right e-payment facilities and the customer can’t actually pay for their goods

When we build Ecommerce sites for clients we set them up so that the client can easily add or delete products, add sale items, run promotions, add or edit content, images, videos etc.  Your staff will have full control of your products and service.


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Small Business Web Design

Designing websites for small business is something we really enjoy.  These websites often have very simple sales funnels so don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. A lot of the content that goes onto a simple small business site is more for ranking than for the customer.  As these sites are far less complex than building websites for larger organisations we can usually work within a smaller budget.  If you are willing to let us help you by using our extensive business consulting and sales experience we can have your business growing into a much larger business in a short period of time.


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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web DesignRegardless of whether you are building a large corporate website, an Ecommerce site or a simple website for a small local business your website must be “responsive”.   When we build responsive websites we create pages that are quick to navigate and will work on a number of devices. The goal is to basically place all of the needed information onto a page so that the visitor has to do the minimum amount of clicking and scrolling.

We place images and everything else in such a way that when people do resize the window, everything still looks great.  Also, depending on the website, we may change the look of the pages slightly so that the most important information is available to someone on a mobile phone the moment they open the browser.  This can be a hard type of website to pull off, but every website we have built since 2011 has been fully responsive. 

Mobile web design is essential in this day and age, and we’re happy to offer this kind of a service.  More and more people are on their phones all day long and use them to do everything from their banking to checking their social media sites. When creating a mobile friendly website, we’re sure to test it in various emulated mobile browsers so we know that it will work across a variety of platforms.  Mobile websites need to be made in a certain way to work well, so you need a very experienced web developer.

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SEO Web Design

seo web designThere are a large range of practices that we implement to enhance search engine optimisation of your website so that it will get ranked in the search engines quickly.  A badly designed website on the wrong platform may never rank. The money you pay to create a website will be completely wasted.  The only people who will find it are those who already know about your business.  Your business is not going to grow without new customers.

When you allow us to build your website so that it is fully optimised, you can expect a significant increase in traffic. If you don’t use this, then it may be hard for you to get people to come to your site, especially if you’re just starting out.


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WordPress Web Design

wordpressWe only build WordPress Websites. This is a great platform to use because it has been proven over and over again that they rank easier than websites built on other platforms.  But they rank if they are built correctly.  Don’t just get a WordPress Theme that everyone uses that has been modified slightly for your business.  Some of them are shockers and will never rank. We build our websites from the ground up.  Every site is unique; however the actual behind the scenes structure is the same.  We know what that structure needs to be to pass W3C standards and get Google to love your site.

We can design any look and feel using WordPress.  There are no limitations on what your site can do and what it looks like.

Also after we have built your website we can give you the log-in information so you can easily add pages, images, videos etc, or edit your website or remove anything that you no longer need. We can give you access to WordPress Tutorials that we have created.  If you don’t wish to spend any more money once the site is built, you can do most things yourself using our tutorials.


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