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Have You Been Burnt By The Latest Google Algorithm Update?

Are you Looking For A Solution To Your Online Marketing?

If you’re looking for help with your lead generation and online marketing you have to make a decision about what you do;

1. Learn SEO
2. Hire an SEO Agency
3. Hire an SEO Expert


Expert SEO

Hire An SEO Expert

Learning SEO yourself is an option if you have plenty of time and plenty of money. Plenty of business owners have gone down this route and been successful to a point. Usually what brings amateur SEO’s unstuck is a Google algorithm update. Something that seemed so simple suddenly became a complete mystery.
There was your website on the top of
page 1 for your most important keyword then suddenly one day the phone stops ringing, the web enquiries dry up and you find your website on page 8. What happened? What did I do wrong? Why are my incompetent competitors now at the top of Google? They don’t deserve to be there!

Believe me, this will happen to everyone at some point. Even web designers who fancy themselves as SEO experts become increasingly confused as each subsequent algorithm update rolls out.

What is happening here? Businesses owners like you should be focused on their core business. Website designers need to stay in touch with advances in their field. SEO experts have one of the toughest assignments on the planet. Internet growth is huge, relentless and on-going. Here at Streamshare we spend a couple of hours per day on our SEO education. That’s how fast things are changing in the industry. Luckily we have the resources of a couple of worldwide SEO mastermind groups to draw on and that means we not only stay in touch with what’s affected search right now but understand how changes to the Internet will affect search in the future.

The Solution…

All this brings us to your next decision. Do you chose an SEO agency of do you go for an SEO expert? No these are not the same thing so let me explain!

SEO Agency

SEO Agency Expert

Streamshare is an expert SEO company with a small support staff where you get to deal directly with the owners who want to know all about you, your business and your business objectives. We’ve been immersed in the Internet marketing business since 2009 and have experienced the highs and lows of the Gold Coast economy just like you have.

Now, I’ve never worked for an SEO agency but plenty of my current clients have been with an agency and transferred their business to us. The most common reasons they are happy they decided to come across to Streamshare are these;

  • Personal attention
  • Dealing with the owner rather than a faceless minion
  • Understanding of their business
  • Rapid (super-fast) response times
  • Website problems fixed in hours (not months)
  • Economical
  • Higher rankings
  • New customers
  • Profits

Sound Good So Far?

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