Search Engine Optimisation


What Is Search Engine Optimisation

And How Can It Benefit You? 

Applying search engine optimisation (SEO for short) to your website so that it benefits your business and your bottom line is what Streamshare is all about and what we specialise in day in and day out.

SEO Keywords

Search Engine Optimization Keywords

It all starts with what’s called keywords or key-phrases. Can you describe succinctly what it is you do? Can you put yourself in the shoes of a prospective customer? What are they looking for, what words are the using to find you and where do they typically hang-out on line?

These are some of the questions we want answers to when we start your online marketing. When we understand what you do and how potential clients are trying to find you our next step is to do a thorough analysis of your website. Is it blindingly obvious to your web visitors what you do and how to contact you? And can they determine this in around 3 seconds.

Sound simple so far? Whilst these concepts are very simple, we know that the vast bulk of SEO agencies out there don’t do this stuff. They don’t want to know what you do in any detail and they don’t want to work with your website and your web master to suggest improvements to your site’s appeal and traffic conversion capabilities. Most SEO companies just want to build links to your website. In fact we’ve found that this strategy is probably the worst thing you should be focussed on.

At Streamshare, we firmly believe in getting to know you and your business. We believe that you can dominate your industry, your niche, your marketplace but it all starts with you website. If you have a crappy website you can build links to it endlessly and not do a scrap of good.

Conversely if you you have a great website with the perfect SEO structure, you are going to run rampant over your competition.

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Give us a call if you want an honest appraisal of your website and your current potential to rank on the first page of Google for keywords and key-phrases that are not only important to you but important to the people searching for you.

Your website is likely to fall into one of 3 categories;

  • Good to go – congratulations! you have a well structured website and we are good to go!
  • Needs Work – ok, but some work needs to be done – either by us (preferably) or by your web master under our instruction.
  • Disaster – need to completely start again
Factors on SEO

SEO Factors

There is a particular way your website needs to be structured, a particular platform it needs to be built on and if both these factors come together you will not only quickly dominate your competition you’ll start to make profits unlike you’ve ever achieved before.

Get it wrong however, and you’ll languish in never-never-land, commonly known as page 2 and worse on Google. Google is pretty good as serving up the sort of websites that match what you are searching for.  That’s why 97% of people find what they are looking for on page 1 of Google. People rarely look further than page 1 unless they are researching a school or university project or Google just got it horribly wrong on the day. Look, Google does get it wrong from time to time but their algorithm is constantly updating (up to twice per day) and they are getting more an more powerful all the time, purchasing new technologies  and changing the way we search and what and how they display.

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