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What Is Internet Marketing Anyway?

Online Marketing

A Perfect Medium To Bring Clients

Internet marketing is also known as online marketing and is just about anything you can do online to promote your website, your company, your products and your services.

Off-line marketing is virtually everything else from advertising in the Yellow Pages (did someone mention that yellow pages are dead?), in newspapers, magazines, leaflets, attending business networking meetings, cold calling, telemarketing etc etc.

Internet marketing is the perfect medium to bring clients to you — rather than you chasing them (think cold calling and telemarketing, yuk!). Wouldn’t it be nice if perfected targeted clients called you all day long hungry to purchase your products and services? That’s what’s possible with Internet marketing.

Most people think of Google Adwords when they consider advertising on-line however there are many other ways to advertise on the web;

  • Yahoo advertising
  • Facebook advertising (getting better and better all the time)
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Collecting email addresses online and conducting email marketing
Website Traffic

SEO Brings More Traffic To Your Website

The purpose of these forms of advertising is to drive visitors (traffic) to a web page such as your website or squeeze page or say
your Facebook or LinkedIn page. Of all the possibilities I would highly recommend you have a website that is highly relevant to your business.
Visitors who arrive at a perfectly written web page with great conversion strategies will be more likely to want to give you their contact details and their money.

In order to get the maximum from Internet marketing therefore, ideally you’ll need;

  • A great website or web page
  • An SEO company to help you appear in organic search
  • Social media accounts

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