Online Reputation Management

reputation onlineLike many, you probably have concerns about your online reputation.  It can be so easy for a disgruntled employee, a nasty competitor or an unhappy customer to totally ruin your good name.  Sadly, there is nothing stopping people from posting lies about your organisation online.

These days a potential customer will go online and search most businesses to see if they are reputable, if they provide good customer service, if they provide refunds as promised before they even pick up the phone.  Your online reputation needs to portray you in a great light.

No Business Is Perfect, However There Are A Number Of Steps We Can Take To Ensure Potential Customers Find Only Positive Comments

If you own a business or a monetized website, complaints about you will decrease the amount of business you receive. Even if your clientele is local and appears to be fine, you may still have a shady website reputation that you are not even aware of online.

How To Monitor Your Online Reputation

Google has made online reputation management super easy to monitor.  You can set up a free Google Alert on your business.

  • Just go to
  • Enter your business name into the “Search Query” Box
  • Choose your options.  I leave them on the default
  • Enter your email address
  • Click “Create Alert”
  • You will then receive any alerts if your business is mentioned anywhere in Google


Setting Up Google Alerts


Personal Reputation Is Just As Important

You should also set up a Google alert on your own name and any other important people in your organisation. It can be done in exactly the same way by simply adding names to the Search Query box.  If someone has decided to make this really personal and are attacking you, it may not necessarily show in an alert that is set up for the company name. Online reputation management can be tricky and very confusing, especially if it has become personal.

What To Do If Your Reputation Is Attacked

ID-10085538One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is to get upset and retaliate with vitriol. You need to acknowledge the person or situation and do your best to resolve the problem amicably.  As I said, no business is perfect but if you are seen to be trying to sort it out, and if in fact you do get it sorted out, it will actually enhance your reputation.  You will be seen as a company that is approachable and does care.

However if the reputation trashing is lies and perhaps pay back, it is a lot more difficult.  These people should still be contacted to see if you can work it out.  You never know, they may just be trying to get your attention.  If no workable solution can be found then ensure your public responses are fair, factual and professional.  The last thing you want to do is get into a slanging match.  I would also recommend you stop responding publicly after you have put your case forward.  The more often a link is clicked or a reply post made the bigger chance this particular post will make it to the top of Google where it is easier to find.

StreamShare Has Powerful Strategies To Push Any Negative Comments So Far Down In Google That They Can Never Be Found

If you have found yourself to be the recipient of a negative online campaign then you need a highly skilled professional to get this sorted out for you.  A bad online reputation can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I have even seen businesses go to the wall because of negative press.  Their incomes dried up overnight. That is the difficult thing about the internet, negativity often reigns supreme and it can go viral in 24 hours. You need to stop it before it destroys your business.

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