Company Reputation


Concerned About Your Company Reputation?

But Don’t Know What To Do?

All companies have a reputation, some better than others. Before the Internet, a reputation was generally established through advertising and word of mouth. Today, even companies that have not developedOnline Reviews
an online presence may have an online reputation. Because of this, it may be necessary for companies to get the reputation management services that Streamshare supplies.

Whether your company operates through a storefront, the Internet, or a combination, you want to be certain that prospective customers find the best information about your business when running your company name through a search engine. If there is a great deal of negative content in the first page of results, you will lose business. According to statistics around 98% of searchers only look through the first page. If all of those are positive, it will boost the number of visitors to your site.

What if there is negative comments/reviews etc on page one of Google when someone types in your name or your business name or say “your company name +review”? That’s where we come in?

We have developed a 3 step strategy that will force the negative press onto page 2 or even further back.

  • Bury the negative comments
  • Be alert to new comments
  • Respond

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Negative Reviews

Problematic About Negative Comments?

Don’t sit by passively while others destroy the reputation of your company. You must establish an online presence and take a proactive stance toward positive customer relations.

Obtaining the company reputation management services that we offer will be a great start to cleaning up your online reputation. If you do this, and pay attention to feedback on what your customers need from you, you will be well on your way to establishing a long term, positive reputation on the Internet.



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