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If you haven’t yet embraced everything the online world has to offer, you are missing out. There is just no way to sugar coat it. Perhaps you are still relying on old push marketing strategies that are no longer working nearly as well as they used to?

The biggest difference between what you are used to doing and what you could be experiencing with an online strategy is this; you can scale back the “old ways” of going out into the marketing place and ramming your message down reluctant throats OR you could be building an online presence where motivated and targeted customers with wallets in hand seek YOU out. Which strategy would you rather employ? I know what I prefer to do.

In the early days of our business, while we were building our own on-line assets, we attended any and every networking breakfast that we could track down. Admittedly it worked and we picked up a lot of work, great clients, word of mouth, met some great people BUT it was hard work and 90% of the breakfasts served up were inedible.

The Gold Coast is a very interesting place to put up your shingle. It’s a mecca for visitors and everyone it seems, harbours a desire to either come back more often and even move to the Goldie on a permanent basis. What does this mean for your business? Are you set up to capture new customers from this growing sector? How are these people going to find out about the great products and services you offer unless you finally decide to get your business online?

Online marketing is the easiest way to reach this audience. They all carry devices capable of searching you out; smart phones, iPads etc etc and these people are searching for goods and services on the Gold Coast during their visit. And if they find you and like what you offer, they’ll seek you out when they eventually decide to settle here for good.

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How do your current customers find out about your current specials and your new product lines?

Even if you have a website and even if your web designer assured you that they had “optimised” your site what have YOU done to ensure that you have an ongoing and effective Internet campaign and sales funnel to keep the business engines turning?

The harsh reality of most websites and website designers is that the ‘promise’ of optimisation is just so much hot air. You cannot optimise a website once and have it be effective for you for the life of your business. That just isn’t the case now and never has been.

Just like you used to have a Yellow Pages budget and spent countless hours writing and re-writing your ad and watching deadlines like a hawk so too must you have a Online Marketing budget and demand that it works just as hard for you as your best staff member (actually that might be you!)

Some people think they can engage an online marketing expert for a month or two and that’s all they need to do. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that anymore. You need to bring your old “Yellow Pages for life” mentality to Internet marketing. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. The world wide web is constantly changing and evolving and Google makes around 500 changes to their search algorithm each year. Yes, you heard that right. That’s nearly 2 updates a day. Then 2 or 3 times a year (sometimes more) Google has a major update. Perhaps you have heard some of the names? Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are the ones that are driving search today.

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Only a dedicated SEO expert has any hope at all of keeping up with the changing face of the Internet as a whole and the small part that Google plays in the overall scheme of things.

When you hire Streamshare to perform your online marketing you are buying that evolving knowledge base. You are also purchasing peace of mind, knowing that whatever gets thrown at you by Google you have a team on side that will continue to keep the traffic, the leads and the new customers coming.


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