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If You Don’t Get A Fully Trained Professional To Manage Your PPC Campaign You Will Be Wasting Huge Amounts Of Money

Advertising CampaignRunning a successful advertising campaign online is not about putting in a lot of hours, it is about finding quality assistance that is going to maximize your potential.  There are a lot of business owners out there who get stuck with DIY measures that don’t cut it in the modern age.  Google’s system to determine who sits at the top of their advertising area is more complex than it has ever been.

When managing an Adwords Campaign we need to take into account:

  • the right keywords to attract your ideal customer
  • negative keywords so that you are not wasting your money on people who will never buy from you
  • words on the actual page you are linking your campaign to
  • what your budget needs to be to give you the highest “return on investment”
  • the bid for each campaign and each keyword to ensure you sit in the first 3 places
  • match keyword research to the actual words ideal customers are really keying into Google to find you


Quick Visibility

One of the biggest advantages of using quality PPC management is that you are at the very top of the Google search page in less than 24 hours.  We totally recommend all our clients do Search Engine Optimisation for their websites and ultimately this traffic is free.  However a well managed SEO campaign can take 3 – 6 months to get you to number one.  We highly recommend to some of our clients that they instigate a Google Adwords campaign immediately.

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Keyword Research and Management

KeywordsGetting the keywords right plays a big role in these campaigns.  It is not as simple as guessing which keywords you think will bring you your ideal customer.  We have a number of excellent tools that we use to determine which are what we call “money keywords”.  We can also determine which keywords will provide the best return on investment.  Google partially determines the recommended cost per click on the competition for that keyword. We always find it amusing when we see a really high cost per click on a keyword that has very little real return.  The cost per click can easily be driven up by people who don’t know what they are doing and assume that an already high cost per click must mean this is a keyword I should go after.

You need to also take into account:

  • the number of searches for a particular keyword
  • the level of competition
  • whether this is a buying keyword or a “just looking thanks” keyword
  • the real words people are keying into the search bar
  • where to find all of the above information that is as accurate as possible

 In Short If You Don’t Take This Into Account You Will Be

Paying Way Too Much For Each Click And You Will Have

People Clicking On Keywords That Don’t

Bring You Targeted Buying Traffic  


This is the most important advantage when it comes to determining whether you will pay an expert to manage your campaign.  SteamShare already successfully manage a large number of Adwords campaigns.  We work directly with Google to get the best results for the lowest cost.  We offer our clients the very best and nothing less.  Our clients find that we save them way more money on their campaigns than the cost of management.  It is easy to get stuck with a PPC campaign that is costing a lot of money but the phone isn’t ringing.

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