Google Adwords


What Is Google Adwords

And How It Can Help Your Business?

Google like any other listed business needs to make profits and satisfy its share holders. One way Google does this is via Google Adwords. Adwords are the advertisements you see when you type in a search query on These are companies just like yours who are competing for your business. Every time someone clicks on an advertisement the business pays Google. That is why this type of advertising is also called “pay per click” In the image below you can see the advertisements marked with a red arrow and the organic listings inside the blue box.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

OK so that’s what Google Adwords are, now here’s how they can benefit you!

1. The Numbers Tell The Story

Virtually everyone who is searching for something turns first to Google. case study after case study show that 90% of buying decisions start on the web and 90% of these searches start on Google. The numbers have it. Google is where you turn when you want to get your message out to the largest possible audience. When was the last time you turned first to the yellow pages? Chances are it was many years ago. When was the last time you searched through the local newspaper for a tradesman? Many years ago, before smart phones, I had to search the yellow pages because my laptop died and I needed a computer technician pronto. There’s a very good reason a large number of businesses have stopped advertising in the Yellow Pages. It’s called “Google” and it is now THE go to weapon of choice.

2. Quick Wins

If you want new customers and you want fast results Google Adwords delivers in spades. If you know what you are doing, you can have an adwords campaign created, approved and showing ads on Google in a matter of hours, not days and not months. Traditional SEO, i.e. getting your website to show up on the top of the first page of Google takes time especially if you take a careful approach and don’t participate in anything the least bit “shady”.

Google Adwords

Advertise With Google

With Google Adwords You Can Get An Advertisement

In Front Of Your Potential Customers Today! 

3. Incredible Metrics

With Google adwords you get powerful metrics to monitor your campaign. These metrics allow you monitor your results very closely and make the changes and tweaks necessary to improve your campaign so that it is profitable.  You can conduct split testing experiments with advertisements for example to see which ad produces the best results. You can test different ideas, monitor the cost of your campaigns and so much more.

That All Sounds Great

But I Still Don’t Know If I can Do This!

If you are convinced that Google adwords is for you and you either don’t want to learn it for yourself or don’t have a clue how to get started then we can help. We can have your advertisements on Google and producing leads for you FAST and cost effectively.

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