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Are You Running A Google Adwords Campaign Online,

Paying Large Amounts Of Money And Seeing No Results?

If you’ve been running your own adwords campaign it’s highly likely that you’ve either given up in frustration at the lack of results or you’re campaign is getting useless clicks. It possible you’ve received no phone calls at all or when the phone does ring it doesn’t convert into a lead.

StreamShare is highly experienced in Adwords set-up and management and understands exactly how to target your ideal customer. There is a saying in the industry that Google is extremely good at vacuuming the money out of your wallet. Unless you have a very experienced manager who is up to date with Google’s current thinking that is exactly what happens, Google vacuums your money.

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PPC Management


PPC Management

When looking to put together a campaign that is going to run effectively, it is imperative that your website is optimised to increase your targeted traffic and reduce your cost per click. Too many website owners become impatient and start to make alterations that are either unnecessary or incorrect.  These lead to mediocre results that are expensive.  A lot of business owners think that they need to pay a high cost per click to get to the number one position.  Often the business in the number one position on Google Adwords pays way less per click than you do.

This is why it is essential to either spend the time and learn all the intricacies of PPC management or pay a professional.  We provide a review of your website landing pages and recommend changes that will assist you to decrease your cost per click.  Often the cost of our Adwords Management is quickly recouped in a reduction in your Adwords spend.   

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the best tools out there to:

  • bring instant leads to your business, we can usually get the
    phone ringing within 24 hours
  • bring highly targeted leads that are ready to buy and looking for the exact service or product you are offering
  • display your advertising to the exact geographic location that you are targeting, whether it be your suburb, your city, your state, all of Australia or the entire world
  • have trackable results so you can determine your return on investment
  • be able to be changed and tweaked so that your results can change within a 24 hour period.

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Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords

Google Adwords Management

Putting together an Adwords campaign is only half the battle. The real war is fought when it comes to managing the tool and maximizing it to your benefit. It is only when the campaign is properly tweaked that you will get your ideal customer giving you a call.  Without proper management you will be doomed to paying the maximum cost per click on your campaigns.

Pay Per Click Management

One of the time consuming processes with managing an Adwords campaign is monitoring and adjusting the pay per click cost for each advertisement that has been set up.  It takes constant monitoring to ensure you get the lowest cost per click for each advertisement.  Getting this right has saved our clients hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month on their advertising spend. Unless you have been trained by Google there are a number of areas you need to be monitoring that are deeply hidden in the back end of the Google account.  Adjusting the keywords, using negative keywords, using geo-targeted keywords and much more rely on these hidden sections.  We are yet to come across a business that have been doing their own management who have even heard of these sections.

Sadly, we have taken over Adwords accounts from other so called professionals who don’t know that level of information, monitoring and adjustment is even available. 

The Cost Of Managing Your Own Campaign


Google Adwords Management

Doing your own Adwords management is one of the worst mistakes that could be made by a business owner. Many clients feel they will save themselves the management fee and do their own online campaigns and end up wasting
far more money than what they would have spent on the management fee
.  Of course this doesn’t take into account the time they are wasting which would be far better served converting leads into customers and providing the best service possible to those customers.

The other thing we find when talking to local businesses that have attempted to manage their own campaigns is they often start off all “gung ho” and spend lots of time in the first week, making changes only to not get a great result.  They move onto something else and forget about their campaign for a few weeks only to find Google has extracted large sums of money from their bank account.

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