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SEO is  the science of manipulating Google and other search engine algorithms to get a given web site to appear higher in the search engine results for very targeted key phrases.

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Online Marketing (SEO)


Over a decade ago, getting to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing was a doddle as the algorithms were not that complex and there were not as many people competing for search engine rankings.

Now however, the amount of competition has increased markedly while Google makes frequent and highly disruptive changes to their algorithms.

For effective SEO in 2014 and beyond, you need a effective online strategy. One that puts your website, your social media, your online directories and your other online properties in front of your potential customers when they are looking for your products and services.

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The Importance Of Keyword Research

Keywords have always been a critical element of SEO. Now more than ever, the correct research is required to make sure that your website content matches what your buyers are looking for. Not so long ago Google got rid of their keyword tool replaced it with a new Keyword Planner integrated into Adwords accounts.

Many people are still learning to navigate it. However, most people who have used the tool can tell you that it is not particularly accurate. Searches are routinely grossly overestimated or underestimated, especially for low volume searches. The increasing use of rank tracking queries by SEO firms probably is not helping in ascertaining how many real searches there are for terms either.

Google analytics used to be a good way of finding out what keywords visitors to your website were using to find you (that is if your website as actually getting any traffic). Now that information is not being made available to the general public. So how does one get a hold of this information? Pay Per Click advertising is one way to get great keyword information, more on that later.

How Can On Page SEO Help Me?

More than ever quality websites trump low quality, spammy websites. High quality and relevance are the 2 things that are driving search results right now. When you see low quality sites ranking at the top of Google you know they won’t be there for long. The Google Panda will get them at some point. High quality content means creating web pages that provide all of the information that your potential customers are looking for. Your content should have relevant photos and videos woven into the text so that you are presenting your visitors a story of who you are what you provide and how you can take care of them.

Google Adwords Also Known As Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Adwords may not be for every business but did you know that this platform can be a great way to research the keywords that your customers are using to find you? And did you know you can get Google to pay for some of this research? To take advantage of this call us on 1300 885 487 and we’ll let you know how we can help.

What About Social Media?

The incorporation of social signals into ranking algorithms is already a huge factor and will probably be much more important in the years to come. If you do not have a Google Plus or Facebook account posting links actively in an attempt to generate social network interactivity, chances are your website rankings could suffer.

Streamshare can advise you what social media platforms you should be spending time on based on the demographics of your typical customer (and what platforms are a waste of time)

SEO has definitely gotten a lot tougher over the past year. Therein lies a great opportunity for those with the patience and skills to adjust to a changing environment. With change comes opportunity as lazy SEO becomes less and less tenable as we go forward over the next decade.

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